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About Us

Our years of experience in software implementation should be of interest to rapidly growing business organization like yours. The software industry as you know is advancing as a budding industry globally and more so in India. So keeping ourselves updated with the changing economic conditions world over, we take an advantage of the awaiting opportunity at hand being quite active at developing diverse products & rendering value-added services for the Software Industry all with a watchful eye.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading customized-software provider for organizations of all types and sizes. Our commitment to each customer is to provide a solution of good lasting value; reinforced by our friendly.

Our Strength

Our strength is the domain knowledge and expertise in Turn-key projects execution. We have successfully developed and implemented customized software solutions for many business groups and government agencies.


JMJ Software Solutions is promoted by a group of highly ambitious entrepreneurs with diverse functional experience in the software industry. The founders are having more than 12 years of experience in managing large projects on behalf of clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a solution that enables you to reduce time, complexity and cost of managing your business by streamlining your processes and to provide a superior Return On Investment.

Our solutions are backed up by pool of people who have considerable expertise in system study, system design, development and implementation. Together with our wealth of domain knowledge in varied industries, we have confidence to achieve our goal.

In summary, JMJ Software Solutions can offer business solutions with extensive range of industry-leading technologies focused on today's business-critical needs, developed and supported by a strong, profitable company. These factors, coupled with world-class services and distribution, give JMJ Software Solutions the staying power to remain a reliable, leading supplier of solutions for the foreseeable future.

Our Partners

We are developing partners to TATA Consultancy Services. We have executed number of projects with TCS. The modules required for day-to-day activities are designed and developed by JMJ Software Solutions and then connected to EX for accounts integration. Through this technology, we can make your accounting completely automatic.

JMJ Sofware Solutions