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Why Inventory management?

These are methods for organizing holding and replenishing of stocks. We at JMJ Software Solutions keep the basic inventories at the minimal expense. JMJ Inventory Management has the following reasons as to why the Inventories are selected for

How to get maximum output from this Inventory Service?

  • Inventory Management involves managing services that are available in the warehouse, stock room or stores. These also deal in determination of ordered products, identification process and tracking of specific locations.

What things to keep in mind?

  • Normal stock receipt – from previously issued purchase orders and transfers
  • Unexpected stock receipts – the stuff that just shows up on receiving stock
  • Requisitions – a request for material to be consumed within company
  • Emergency requisitions
  • Sales – Orders to be delivered – Orders to be picked up – Cash sales – Direct shipments – Orders for non-stock products
  • Transfers to other warehouses or facilities
  • Assembly orders
  • Bin to bin transfers within warehouse
  • Returns of stock material
  • Returns of non stock material
  • Returns of damaged material

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