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What is Purchase Management?

Purchase Management concerned with procurement of proper equipment, materials and supplies of the right quantities at the right prices on the right time is the need of the hour.

Purchasing is the property of needed goods and services at optimum costs from competent and reliable sources.

Components of Purchase Management

  • Purchase Management defines the source of buying through:
  • Specific Needs of the Assessment.
  • Identification of Source
  • Negotiations on Contract
  • Selection of Suppliers
  • PO Issuance
  • Follow ups
  • Performance Evaluation

Production Planning at JMJ Software Solutions provides you with the following benefits:

  • Timely and regular manner in organizing products.
  • Information well posted in advance.
  • Reduce investment in inventory.
  • Overall cost production is maintained.

Production Controls are an effective tool for achieving optimum performance to achieve production planning targets. The below listed objectives are

  • Regulate inventory management
  • Organize production scheduling
  • Optimum utilization of resources and production processes.

However, the production process is not the same across all companies.

  • Nature of production differs.
  • Nature of operation
  • Size of operation

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